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The Arts without a public don´t exist.

However, the artist without a public still exists. The dancers keeps on being a dancer, the tango dancer keeps being a tango dancer. Global quarantine is a time of hibernation for the artists. It is a difficult time with theaters and dance studios empty. It is a moment of introspection, of searching deep within ourselves of how this era, this forced isolation, is transforming the world and us human beings.

At the moment, our only communication channels are the so called “social" networks. This opens up possibilities for us, but also creates something „unreal".

We realize how much we miss the „real things“: A discreet cough, the tension that is generated when a group of people hold their breath at the same time, or release it, or a laugh ... Many true emotions, an energy that surrounds us. This same energy we feel when we dance in the milongas, the energy of the embraces, of the looks seeking each other, bodies that move together,.. Let´s hope that this quarantine provokes

more necessity to experience „something real“:

to appreciate an embrace, the closeness of the other person, a good talk with a cup of tea or glass of wine, with the other one sitting next to us,…

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