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What is essential to be happy?

Moving from a big house in Buenos Aires, to a tiny house in the countryside means, to

reduce your belongings to the strictly necessary, the „essential“

Not an easy task, to separate yourself from the belongings you have been collecting over the years. These are the things, we have come to define as „essential to our happiness“:

- The dogs and the cat (of course, and, yes, they are not things) - Books ( we brought along 8 boxes, even though we selected only the most important onces and got rid of 5 other boxes) - Coffeemaker - Warm clothes - Clothes for rehearsal - Tango shoes and clothes - Yoga mat, Gymnastik ball and other training elements - A god mattress (no backpain PLEASE) - Vinyls and record player - A vacuum cleaner (because of the hairy dogs) - Art movies - Soda maker (to reduce plastic) - Two wine glasses to be able to toast at the end of the day

Seems like the rest is all nature and its beauty…

What does it mean for you, to reduce yourself to what is strictly essential? What would you take with you to the countryside?

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