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Do you want to

… feel the magic of real connection?
… push your limits?
… have fun studying?


Here is how you get more than just the steps.


How you learn your Tango in a different way

You will emerge in the Argentinean way of tango:
Out there in the ballroom it will be more creative than structured,
more moved by the melody than stepping on the rhythm,
more caring for rather than demanding from your partner,

while in our training room
music is analyzed regarding its ductus in melody, rhythms, orchestras and styles.Questions and answers in the lyrics are pervaded, and emotionally combined with structured movements
of course, precisely trained with motivating personal feedback.
Specific exercises and training tools will stimulate the Body to easily incorporate complex technical structures.

The ease is built with perfection!


Here you enjoy it with us

The milongas in Buenos Aires have their special secrets.
We’ll take you on a tour like through the top places in Buenos Aires, where you experience the squeeze on the dancefloor, the wave of couples - moved with you by the music.

We guide you safely through those challenges, show you how to get the cabeceo from your desired dancer, demonstrate how a good embrace feels like and how you flow on the music stream in and around you.

You’ll enjoy your personal style in Tango Argentino

We make it convenient for you

No need to travel – we’ll be near you.

Join us in

Europe in Okt/Nov 2019 & March/April 2020


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