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Dear Ladies from all over the world.

For those of you who are still in doubt or would like to hear more about it, I would like to tell you a about our

"Magical Ladies Tango Trips to Buenos Aires".


"This journey is exclusively for Ladies.
We are delighted to have a small, diverse group of ladies from around the globe accompanying us on this enchanting adventure, hailing from various locations across Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia."

"What is this trip about?

You might call it a Tango Vacation to Buenos Aires, the mecca of Tango.

However, it's more than that;

it's a dream come true!!!

Let me explain why:

To begin with, only a maximum of 12 ladies will be part of this journey.

This ensures a truly personal experience, with me as your guide

on this beautiful adventure

of dancing tango in Buenos Aires."

Ladies Technique with Mika:

Our program starts with technique lessons with me.

Those of you who know me from my Tango Tips, Online Lessons, or maybe have met me in person,

know, that I love to teach

with lots of details, lots of structure and lots of smiles…

And of course, you will receive

my personal feedback

to the exercises we will be doing.

Enjoy the process:

And now is when it gets interesting:

After our Technique Class,

we will have a class with Cristian and 12 excellent Argentine dancers

with whom you

will be able to put into practice all that

we have been working on

in the technique lesson.

We want you to experience different leads, styles and personalities.

So each lady will dance with each of these wonderful dancers.

You will get a boost of tango in a very short time
With these kind of dancers, you can focus on your personal growth and they will help you incorporate easily the technical concepts you have been working on before.

Cristian and me will be guiding you through this process.

Discover the milongas:
This is where the fun starts:

In all our years, living in Buenos Aires, we have picked our most favourite milongas.

These are the ones we want to show you.

We will have a great time, sharing the tables with our Argentine dancers.

Not only will you dance incredible tandas of tango, milonga and vals, but you will also have the chance to chat with locals, have a nice glass of wine, discover the culture.

The more days pass, the better you will get to know each other and discover more and more things in common.

"A beautiful experience".

The Music:

All of the before mentioned is just great, and yet,

Tango is not only dance and steps....It is so much more!!!!
and this is why we have added Tango musicians to the program….

Not only are they our friends but "key figures of the tango we live and

listen in Buenos Aires today."


So, we have invited them

to teach a masterclass,

to chat, to tell us about their experience in tango,

while having a class of wine, some cheese and snacks

and then,

enjoying a live concert

just for our group.

Something truely

intimate and uncomparable.

This is so important for us

to share with you that.

We will have:
- two musicians as guest teachers
and two private concerts.

Shoe Shopping Adventure

in Buenos Aires

If we wan´t to dance our best at the milongas, we need the best “weapons” we can get.

this is the reason for our wild adventure into the shoe jungle.

 I will show you the best tango shoe and dress shops I know. Each of them with a different design and style. As we know, every foot and taste is different…

So reserve some space for the shoes in your suitcase

Argentine Folklore and Barbecue:


Sunday is traditionally the day when family and friends meet for “Asado”. The Argentine way to grill is much more than a barbecue. We enjoy the incredible Argentine meat as well as the opportunity to share a great moment with our friends.

For our asado, we have invited two Argentine folk dancers who will teach you the basic steps of Chacarera, so that we will be able to dance together next to the fireside.



Feel good, enjoy life,

Dance the best tangos of your life

Champagne on the roof terrace and, as a special gift, a massage to relax from so much dancing…

10 wonderful days await you.

There is so much more to talk about, but let me tell you that this trip is a dream come true.

 like my proposal?...

Reserve your spot now because there are only a few left.

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