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Dancers, choreographers, coaches for professional couples, and low profile artists. They love and live Tango with the passion of the new generation.

"Our tango tells stories... Emotion is what saves us always."


Dec, 2016.


Experience tango Cristian Miño Michaela Böttinger "Nuestro tango cuenta historias" La milonga



Cristians´s Experience !

I have been dancing since I can imagine: Ballet, Contemporary dance, Flamenco…

But Tango just got me…

Born in Patagonia, I felt as far away from the real tango as you might feel in Australia. I soon realized that there was only one place to be: Buenos Aires.

I moved there at a very young age and made my way. The first times I went to the milongas, no woman wanted to dance with me. So I started to study, obsess with the technique, getting better quickly. Observing and studying with the old maestros helped me quite a lot.

I started teaching at different tango studios like Estudio Mora Godoy, Tango Elite, Escuela Argentina de Tango, and others. And soon started performing at the milongas. Though my hunger for knowledge never stopped. Trying to make the technique easier and more accesible for the student, I started to develop a technique system: clear, precise and connecting body mechanisms. My studies in Ballet and Contemporary Dance helped me structure my knowledge.

When I got offered to dance in a Tango Company, I started touring around the world for severals years with Tango Fire, Tango a Tierra and Tango Metropolis, getting to know a different side of tango… the stage…

Tango Metropolis was a different experience with more things to learn…

I worked together with some of the best tango musicians alive - Daniel Binelli, Cristian Zarate, ... they made me realize the importance of the interaction between musicians and dancers, music and movement. These musicians played for us, watching us dance, interpreting our movements in their music, while we were expressing their music with our bodies.


Lorca tango was an extraodinary and unique experience - a drama, interpreted by dancers... it made me dig deep beyond the surface, here I learnt how to play a character, to embody someone else in the whole play, everything - the movements, music, facial expression ... are submitted to telling the story.... Here your role is not (only) to shine in technical perfection but to shine in the embodiment and interpretation of your role.

Today, after over 20 years of living, teaching and dancing tango, I feel the need to offer a more complete approach to tango for the student, make him go deep under the surface and guide him to advance quickly.


Cristian Miño New York Times Experience Tango
Experience Tango with Mika & Cristian Festival Tango Secrets
Experience Tango with Mika & Cristian en el CCK

Mika´s Experience

It all started with the music: at the early age of four, I started to play the piano. Soon after that, I began my education in Classical Ballet, later followed by Contemporary Dance and Jazz.


Everything changed though, when I peeked through the window of a milonga on a snowy December day... I got drown into a world full of magic and emotions.

That´s when I decided to dedicate my life to tango...

12 years ago, I have decided to move from Germany to Buenos Aires.

Since then, Tango has become my life:


When I first arrived to Buenos Aires, I had to start again from the beginning. I realized, that there was so much more to tango than just the steps. I had to live its culture, its history, understand the rules of its society, listen to tango, breath tango, smell it, taste it, live it… The cafes, how people interact, how female the women move, the almost old fashioned way of gentlemen-ness of the Argentinian men,… this was just the start…

At the beginning, I was overwhelmed by the offer of tango teachers, styles, classes,… Having no one to guide me by my side, I lost a lot of my time in this sea of options, never stopped searching and finally developed my own technical system putting a lot of emphasis on the use of training tools.

Now, years later, I am regularly teaching at international festivals in Europe.


I have also been performing in traditional tango shows such as Café Tortoni, Sr. Tango, Esquina Homero Manzi where I learned the meaning of " The Show must go on". I know what it is like to perform 7 days a week, ´ what it` s like to perform, when you are tired, sick, with 39 degrees or bronchitis,...

Thanks to my perseverance, discipline, and strong will, I have even made another dream come true: I managed to perform with the international tango company Tango Metropolis, something almost no non Argentinian tango dancers has ever been able to be part of.

Tango never seizes to amaze and surprise me. Knowing how hard it is to find your way into this tango universe,

I find great pleasure in guiding others, sharing my experience and helping them find their way.


Experience Tango with Mika & Cristian gira Francia con Tango Metropolis
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Experience Tango with Mika & Cristian Campeonato Metropolitano de Tango Buenos Aires 2018
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