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What does it mean „TO HAVE TIME“?

One of the reasons we decided to move to our house at the seaside was „Time“.

"The desire to have time."

Time to read, to walk along the beach, time for contemplation, to feel and to do „nothing at all“. Contemplation is fundamental for the arts and for creation. To connect us with our deepest feelings and thoughts. It means traveling back to our childhood days, to connect with what we are, were and could be. In our Tango, we also need to be able to wait, to just be in the moment, enjoying the pause, be in the here and know. Feeling all those details which make the difference. The more I am in the moment, the richer everything becomes. An ocean of sensation opens up: I can feel how my feet touches the floor, the consistency of the floor, I feel the music envelopping us like a warm blanket, the perfume of the other one, his/her breath close to my ear,… Being right here, in the moment makes me feel alive.

"So, why is it so difficult for us to just „stop“ in these days?"

In the current days of lockdown, where we are forced to stopped: what changes do you observe? With what feelings or thoughts do you connect?

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