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Do you want to...

…interpret the „spirit“ of each orchestra?

…float elegantly over the dance floor to the smooth violins of Di Sarli?

… play with the nervous beat of D´Arienzo?

Special Seminar:

Tango orquestras and how to dance them!

In this intensive seminar, we will focus on two of the most distinctive figures amongst the tango orchestras: Carlos Di Sarli, called ‘El Senor del Tango’ (The Gentleman of Tango) and Juan D´Arienzo  "El rey del compás"  (The King of the Rhythm).

Dancing is music made visible in your body.
Sounds amazing, now how do we get there?
You will learn about the different orquestras, their styles, pecularities, influences... and how to dance them. Don´t forget that each orquestra has its own spirit.

In Buenos Aires, they even had their own followers, just like a football team. So how can we dance Di Sarli/ D´Arienzo/Pugliese or Troilo the same? We will analyze the music regarding its style, rhythm and melody to help you find its personal character.

This is how we take you there:



The first step of improving your musical interpretation will be fine tuning your listening abilities focussing on the four main elements of tango music: compas, rhythm, melody and lyrics. 


Visualized examples will help you understand the musical structure of the orchestra we are working on.


In this intensive seminar, we will focus on two of the most distinctive figures amongst the tango orchestras: Carlos Di Sarli, called ‘El Senor del Tango’ (The Gentleman of Tango) and Juan D´Arienzo

El Rey del Compás (The King of the Rhythm). (Click for more)

Like the heartbeat, different qualities of the pulse inspire different qualities or dynamics in our walk,

We will experience different ways of putting our feet on the floor… (caressing, tapping,..)

The melody, like the human voice singing a song, requires pauses to breath. These so called musical frases will then be translated into frases of movement.


Precise exercises will enable you to express what you hear through your movements without even thinking.




Creativity is the core element of tango, of improvisation.

After having prepared both your ear and body, we will now incentive you to play.


Being more sensitive to the music and your body will improve your dialogue with your partner. This is where the game for you both begins.



Each Tango orchestra has is own very special style, 


We’ll take you on a tour through time, places and emotions. Step by step, we will guide you to understanding the structure, differences and personalities of the orquestra. Providing you with the musical and technical tools, we will then encourage you to find your OWN interpretation. Whereas the exercises will require precision, only the liberation of playfulness will enable us to discover the unknown.

Sharing the "spirit" of the orquestra will make you experience a new level of connection with your partner.

You will feel like two instruments creating music to the tune of the song.

Sounds like music in your ears?


EUROPE,  April/May/June 2019



Carlos Di Sarli: 

His style is both romantic as well as elegant. His simple yet

effective instrumental form emphasized on the romantic melody

with a heavy rhythmical component and gives us the illusion of


In this intensive workshop, we will learn to recognize the

distinctive elements of Di Sarli´s music and how to interpret it

in our dance. We will focus on the elegancy of our movements,

use of space and time, interpretation of typical embellishments

of Di Sarli´s piano (Campanita). 


Juan D´Arienzo:


He received the nickname Rey del Compás (Rhythm King) because

of his enfasis on the rhythm. 

As D’Arienzo himself put it: “In my point of view, tango is, above all,

rhythm, nerve, strength and character. An orchestra ought to have,

above all, life. That is why mine lasted more than fifty years.“


3. Train your creativity:

1. Train your ear:

2. Train your body:

Discover your own music and enjoy it with us

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