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Life - Movement - Dance

When we quiet our mind and observe the nature that surrounds us, simply witnessing its greatness, we realize that

"Nature is Full of Dance."

The leaves trembling in the wind, the branches swaying together, as if they were dancing a great waltz.

The movement is never the same: rhythm, speed and dynamics always change.

The slow flowing of the raindrops filling their bodies with more and more water, with heaviness, until they stop and - plaff - jump into the abyss with a great final explosion. The trotting of my dogs: one is so light in his walk: the movement of the torso seen from above is almost imperceptible to the eye. The other walks heavily: her massive body, walking in a pass, moves with each step, compensating for the lack of dissociation with the movement of her hips and shoulder girdle.

And then there is the sea ... infinite in the variety of movement it offers to the observer´s eye: the coming and going of the waves, the counter-movement in its greatest splendor. It retracts, takes a deep breath to gather strength before arriving in waves to the shore. Contraction before releasing its force. Increasing and decreasing the movement from its biggest from to its smallest in an endless dance. Wherever I look: an Infinity of learning awaits…

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