..."Mika and Cristian were nothing short of a dream! What an authentic, special get together we had. From the amazing, tucked-away local studio (soooo quaint and special), to the personal conversations, history, presentation and finally the lessons--the whole experience was first class and A+. I highly recommend. Mika and Cristian were the reasons our trip was so memorable..."

-Randall R.


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 Mika & Cristian


Partners in tango and in life, Cristian and Mika are professional dancers, choreographers and coaches with international followers and decades of distinguished experience in the performing arts. When they are not giving workshops in remote festivals or pioneers in new innovative choreographies, the couple opens their home-studio full of light so that the curious visitors of the tango of all countries and continents are immersed in the depths of Buenos Aires. Cristian and Mika generously open themselves and bring all their knowledge of Tango and the culture that surrounds it close to you. They are in every detail, with expertise and generosity. Experience a class in their company and, without a doubt, you will find the right people to guide you.

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Online Transmission

We wanted to share with you an excerpt from our work "Fausto",an adaptation and interpretation of Goethe's work for two tango dancers and a contemporary dancer.


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