Buenos Aires Tango Trip



Tango lesson (10hs)

 In a Magical Room to inspire you

The idea of this trip is to work intensively on your tango but staying relaxed at the same time, without stressing your minds..










After a technique warm up, we will work on topic of the day, focussing on how to move at ease at the milonga.











All the classes and milongas will be accompanied by a group of Argentinian dancers.

After the class, we will have an aperitif on the roof terrace, time to chat about the classes, enjoy the sunset and get in the mood for the milonga.

Argentinians Dancers

We want you to feel with friends in Buenos Aires.

This is why, a group of Argentinian dancers will accompany the classes and milongas. Get in touch with real Argentinians, enjoy the long mixed tables at the milongas, the mix of cultures, be part of Buenos Aires

7 Milongas


There are several hundred milongas in Buenos Aires. Every milonga has its very own atmosphere, location, people….

Private Concerts

4 Master Classes

We have chosen 4 Masterclasses for you:  with a famous bandoneon player, an intoxicatingly beautiful tango singer, a great folklore dancer, and master of fileteado porteño.



Masterclass with Daniel Ruggiero

(Bandoneon player and composer)







Daniel Ruggiero grew up surrounded by great tango musicians. His father was the famous bandoneon player Osvaldo Ruggiero who played with and composed for Osvaldo Pugliese. Today, Daniel is one of best known bandoneon players of his generation, musical director of several tango ensembles and composer.

Who would be better to take us through the history of tango, tell us about this the fascinating story of how the bandoneon, an instrument of German origin, has made its place until becoming the symbol of tango?







Masterclass  with Noelia Moncada

Noelia Moncada is definitely one of the most original tango singers of her generation. We fell in love with her personal stye, so full of intensity and subtle at the same time.






Noelia will talk about her experience as a singer, about the importance of the lyrics,  the most important tango singers, their styles, little anecdotes.. and so much more…

After a short break, a glass of wine, we will have the great pleasure to enjoy a private concert for our group.

Masterclass Folklore (Chacarera)




Whereas Tango is considered to be the folklore of the city of Buenos Aires, Chacarera is danced all around the country. You cannot leave Buenos Aires without getting an impression of the joyful Argentinian Folklore. 


Masterclass Fileteado (Jorge Muscia) 

Fileteado porteno is an artform deeply related to Buenos Aires and its tango.













Filetes are usually

full of colored ornaments and symmetries completed with poetic phrases and sayings, both humorous or roguish, emotional or philosophical.

Jorge Musica is a true master of his craft and will not only invite us in his world of art, but also awaits us with some surprises - how about a filete body paint?

10 nights in Luna Lila:

         A lovely tango hotel in Palermo, within walking distance to many milongas, beautiful bars, cafés and restaurants.

Ricarda, the owner, has equipped the hotel rooms with love to the detail.
She is a tango lover herself, so the building has a huge dance studio where you will be able to practice.












(Please check availability and prices with us)


Single room:





including bathroom and kitchenette





2 exclusive Concerts just for the group with some of the rising stars of Tango Music at an artistic studio.

Private Concert with Quasimodo Trio:


Daniel Ruggiero (bandoneon and composition), Adrián Mastrocola (piano) and Cristian Basto (contrabajo)  











will delight us with an exclusive and intimate concert, just for our small group. Quasimodo is part of the avant garde of Argentine tango music. Influenced by traditional tango, jazz and orchestral music, they have created a very visual music experience. We love their way to take us away on a stream of emotions… 


 Private Concert with Noelia Moncada




After the Master Class with this beautiful and most talented singer, Noelia will delight us with her intense and intimate interpretations of different tangos.

Asado Tango Party


Asado with friends + Chacarera class 

On Sundays, family and friends traditionally meet for asado.


You will be able to experience the real thing - an asado ceremony takes hours: while the fire is lit, the meat is slowly cooking, there is time for drinks and a Chacarera class.


Just relax and enjoy the excellent meat, marvelous red wine, and chatting with your friends. Can life be any better?



Every day, we will take you to a different milonga. We have chosen the milongas we consider the most beautiful, interesting or most truly representing the spirit of this amazing city.

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